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SPACES WITHIN is a Stockholm-based label, crafting sculptural cabinet hardware with sensual forms, textural finishes and unique proportions. The pieces we make explore themes of refinement, elegance and poetic expressions. 


Each SPACES WITHIN piece bears an aesthetic identity of its own, that can be used singularly or as part of a combination of hardware within a space. The collection as a whole allows for playful parings and rich combinations of materials and finishes, jewelry for spaces in every sense.


We make our collection from solid brass, in a second-generation foundry in Florence that shares our passion for quality. Working closely with its artisans, each piece is developed slowly and with great care and love. Our intention is that this collective method of crafting leads to an energy and soul within each piece that you can sense with every touch.


This is a label founded on the belief that beauty is a function in its own right – a healing frequency. And that visual poetry in functional objects draws you closer to your surroundings. 


The late Frank Lloyd Wright said 'Space is the breath of art.' What we do is sculpt the whispers within.


Nadja & Karin


Our products are solely made with the finest craftsmanship by master artisans in Florence Italy. Quality is of the upmost importance in the objects that we touch every day. Handles are a point of interaction with your home, the handshake of a space.

SPACES WITHIN is founded by Nadja Bari and Karin Wallenbeck.  

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